How to write a conclusion

What is a conclusion?

The best way to overcome these initial fears is simply by writing, practicing, correcting mistakes, correcting the draft of the essay. It is also recommended to read the parts of an essay in order to have a clear idea of its structure.

It is clear that love is the greatest mystery in the history of mankind. Love simply happens. This means that the more we «seek» to be loved, the less we are likely to find it, because love is not there to be hunted. It is an arbitrary feeling. It only comes when the time and circumstances are right for it, which may not coincide with what we think.Love is, as the essence of the human being: freedom.

Rabindranath Tagore said: «True friendship is like phosphorescence, it shines best when everything is darkened. A true friendship must be linked to a responsibility. But not in the sense of having to fulfill an obligation; responsibility is born in the friend as a consequence of his love.    Only in this way can friendship always shine, and not only in bad times.

Conclusion of a trial

When we are faced with the need to write an essay, either for a paper, for our doctorate or for its posthumous publication, we may find ourselves with thousands of doubts about what a good essay should contain, the sources from which to draw information and, most important of all: the conclusion.gathering information and contrasting it, that is, the development of the essay, is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the essay. However, we must not forget the part where all the information gathered is included: the conclusion. If you need to write the conclusion of an essay and you do not know how, in this article of unCOMO we explain how to write an essay conclusion.

Before starting to make our conclusion of an essay, we must know what should appear in it. In fact, a conclusion of an essay, whether literary or scientific, should consist of three parts:As you can see, the conclusion is very similar to the structure of an essay: it has introduction (recapitulation of the hypothesis), development (arguments for and against) and conclusion (final reflection).

Conclusion of a research paper

Writing the introduction and the body of a written paper is a great achievement, but you will still have to write a conclusion. Writing the conclusion may seem difficult to you, but it is easier than you might think. First, to get the conclusion in the right form, restate the thesis, summarize the arguments, and present a concluding statement. Then, reread and revise the conclusion to make it effective.

Article SummaryXYou may find it difficult to write a conclusion, but it is very easy if you see it as the place where you can summarize the purpose of the paper. Start the conclusion by restating the thesis, but don’t repeat it verbatim. Then, use 1 or 2 sentences to summarize the argument, bringing all the sections together to explain how the evidence supports the thesis. End the paper with a statement that invites the reader to think, such as bringing to mind a strong image or concluding with a call to action. Read on to learn how to avoid clichés in a conclusion!

How to write a thesis conclusion

The conclusions of a report are based on results that after researching, reasoning and analyzing are exposed at the end of the work. It is a good moment to give explanations, defend arguments and analyze the work done. These are the characteristics that the conclusion of a report should have:

While it is true that there is no strict manual on how to make the conclusion of a report, you should keep in mind the characteristics that a good conclusion must have.Knowing how to start a conclusion can ensure that the reader is more or less interested in the research topic discussed. It is very important to avoid starting the conclusion with the words: «In conclusion we present…», «In conclusion…», «By way of conclusion…», «To conclude…».Below, in unCOMO, we give you the steps so that you know how to start a conclusion:You may also be interested in learning How to write a report correctly.

To write a conclusion of a research paper, the following aspects should be taken into account:Next, from unCOMO, we propose an example of a report so that you can understand more clearly what concepts we are talking about.Example of conclusions of an internship reportThis report shows all the activities carried out in this company. In these internships, we worked mainly in the preventive and corrective maintenance of computers of various brands, and after the internship was done and the final report was written, we reached the following conclusions:If you also have doubts about How to make the introduction of a report, in this other article you will find everything you need to know about it.